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Presentations from the Law Offices of Jay R Tioleco

Immigration Law in the Media Spotlight cover page

Immigration Law in the Media Spotlight

Jay R. Tioleco presented his presentation "Immigration Law in the Media Spotlight" to a group of attorneys in various fields. The presentation takes a look at recent developments in Immigration Law and how the media covered the topics. You can find the PowerPoint below.

Cover Know Your Right Cover Page

Know Your Rights Workshop

The Law Offices of Jay R Tioleco has presented several workshops to various organizations ranging from community groups to churches, informing immigrants of their rights and options.  The presentation (last updated in 2017) can be found below.

Immigration Basics Cover

Immigration Basics

In January 2017, Jay R. Tioleco presented a presentation on some immigration basics, such as the green card process and naturalization, to a group of small business owners and professionals.  The presentation can be found below.

Socially Latino podcast logo

Looking Ahead: The Future of Immigration in 2021 with special guest Jay Tioleco

Jay R. Tioleco was a guest on the Socially Latino podcast.  With immigration being an important issue in the election, Jay Tioleco discusses the outlook of immigration law in 2021.

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